Jack rhombus 1.5t BBC-1500T with ratchet


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Jack rhombus 1.5t BBC-1500T with a ratchet Mechanical jack rhomboid Attack aircraft 1.5t, ratchet is a professional tool, designed for lifting loads and various types of road transport. The operation of the screw rhomboid jack Sturmovik 1.5t is very simple, it consists in the fact that when the handle rotates, four levers fixed by hinges are compressed or unclenched, due to this, the load is raised or lowered. The Attack model 1.5t has a lifting capacity of 1500kg and a maximum lifting height of 390mm, with the help of such a jack, you can lift solid loads with little effort. Of the main features of the 1.5t rhomboid screw jack Sturmovik, it is worth noting the low pickup height, for working with cars with low ground clearance, quiet lifting of the load due to the smooth running of the screw, reliable design, ease of use and compact size, the jack does not take up much space in the trunk … All of the above features make the purchase of a 1.5t diamond-shaped jack Sturmovik a profitable solution for a reasonable price.

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