Hydraulic jack bottle 15t box N 91504 height 460mm Iron Hand


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Hydraulic jack bottle 15t box.N 91504, height 460mm Iron HandUniversal lifting mechanism designed for lifting, holding and fixing the car, in the process of repair and diagnostic work. Model Iron Hand No. 91504 bottle type, has a maximum carrying capacity of 15 tons, which is quite enough for a truck or bus. … The elongated metal drive handle, of a folding design, transfers the power to the injection pump, where the working fluid is pumped, which provides a smooth ride when lifting and lowering the load. The design of the jack is presented in the form of a bottle, the body of which is made of durable metal. The surface of the body is covered with a special paint-and-lacquer coating that prevents metal corrosion and ensures a long service life of the device.

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